Comin’ for Barcelona

May 02, 2019

Comin’ for Barcelona

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My stomach was a knotted ball inside of me as I clicked the button that would enter me into my first race in May. All the familiar thoughts of self-doubt plagued me. Some big and scary, “What if you don’t finish?”, “What if you haven’t done enough training?” and some ridiculously mundane, “What if you miss your flight?”, “What if you miss your start wave?”. They all have one thing in common though ,they all have to do with failure. As I clicked the button I pushed all those thoughts aside. The fear of failure has limited me as an athlete up until this point and I won’t let it limit me anymore. I learnt a lot from my time as a professional cyclist but after a lot of reflection in the last few months, I think this has been my biggest takeaway.

It’s been about a month since you last heard from me and in that time I’ve been hard at work trying to transform this cyclists body into a triathletes. Its taken awhile but I’ve finally been able to start adding some speed to my run workouts with a track set once a week and this has really helped me feel some of the progress that I’ve made. Flying down alpine descents is fun and all but there’s a special feeling you can only get from running fast and I’m super excited to feel that again.

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